Build a Career You Can Be Proud Of in Sonography

The world is always looking for more medical professionals to fill the gaps retiring others leave behind. One of the most essential professions needing new people is sonography. Sonography, the process of doing ultrasounds, is a highly in-demand career that medical students should seriously consider when choosing their path of education.

What is Sonography?

Sonography is a form of medical imaging taking, using ultrasonic waves to identify shapes and patterns. It’s most commonly used for pregnancy ultrasounds in which the expectant mother has her baby imaged. However, it can also be used for diagnosing diseases and detecting abnormalities within the human body. Those who study to become a sonographer will find a wealth of opportunities for successful careers and helping others in need.AHI Sonography student

What kind of education is required?

It all depends on what education and experience in the medical field you already have. The Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound program at AHI is a diploma program that combines academic study with clinical experience. The demands on an Ultrasound Technician requires a working knowledge of cross sectional anatomy, pathology and its echogenic appearance, as well as, scanning techniques to obtain the most optimum image. An internship is typically required to gain experience before applying for any career opportunities, and the curriculum for a degree will include a thorough education in biology and physiology, as well as statistics and clinical procedures.

What career opportunities are available?

Sonographers don’t only work in hospitals. Medical clinics, private offices and mobile clinics are hiring ultrasound technicians at an impressive rate. Sonographers can also work for companies that produce machinery used for ultrasounds, so the setting of your workplace doesn’t have to be strictly medical. There’s also university work where you can train future sonographers the ropes in a fun, highly educational environment.

Illustration of an Sonography Technician

Sonography Illustration

What are the benefits of being a Sonographer?

Generous salary rates aren’t the only thing to look forward to, although they are quite attractive. The average salary for a sonographer is around $65,000 with potential raises and bonuses earned when emergency call-ins are answered outside of regular hours. Speaking of hours, sonographers enjoy a flexible schedule with high hourly rates, so you won’t have to work yourself to death trying to make a living. The United States, as well as other countries, are seeing an ever-increasing demand for sonographers, so finding a job in a floundering economy won’t be as hard if you choose this career path.

With a No Waiting List and No Prerequisite Course requirements, you could be on your way to a career as a Medical Ultrasound Tech in as few as 19 months.

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