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Ms. Kraus, Ms. Licata, Ms. Thompson
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Sonography, or ultrasonography, is a branch of diagnostic imaging that is used to diagnose medical conditions. Sonography uses sound waves to generate images for the assessment and diagnosis of medical conditions. Many people associate this technology with obstetrics and viewing the fetus in the womb, but there are many other applications for sonography.

Many people associate this technology with obstetrics and viewing the fetus in the womb, but there are many other applications for sonography. Ultrasound technicians may also be known as diagnostic medical sonographers or ultrasonographers. They use special equipment to direct high-frequency sound waves into a portion of a person’s body to form an image off from the reflected echoes. These images may be photographed, videotaped, or transmitted for review and diagnosis by a physician.

The Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound program is designed to prepare students for employment as entry level as Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Technicians or to provide supplemental training for persons previously or currently employed in this occupation. Upon successful completion students will earn a Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound diploma.

With a No Waiting List and No Prerequisite Course requirements, you could be on your way to a career as a Medical Ultrasound Tech in as few as 19 months.

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Program Objectives

The Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound program at AHI is a diploma program that combines academic study with clinical experience. The demands on an Ultrasound Technician requires a working knowledge of cross sectional anatomy, pathology and its echogenic appearance, as well as, scanning techniques to obtain the most optimum image. An Ultrasound Technician also uses specialized medical equipment to direct sound waves through a patient’s body to diagnose specific various medical issues. Once certified, you can work directly with patients and physicians.

    • AHI will arm you with a strong knowledge of human anatomy and physiology as well as mastery of the technology itself.


    • Learn how to perform a quality ultrasound by correctly positioning the patient to record accurate images and to distinguish the normal anatomy from the abnormal.


    • Enjoy a variety of crucial duties like selecting and capturing the best images, taking measurements, making calculations and even evaluating the preliminary results.


    • A Medical Laboratory Technology program offers you the skills you need work in hospitals, either at a stationary location in a diagnostics area or by conducting mobile ultrasounds at the bedside of patients who cannot be transported. Some ultrasound techs work in physician offices and outpatient diagnostic imaging clinics.


    • If you want a career that offers the satisfaction of helping people, the ability to earn a good living and a work environment that is positive and exciting then look no more.


  • American Health Institute will prepare you with the tools you’ll need to for the Medical Laboratory Technology certification.

Program Course List

ID Course Name Unit Credit Clock Hours
HC0031 Fundamentals of Allied Health Occupations 5.0 90.0
HM4401 Fundamentals of Body Structures and Functions 3.0 45.0
HM4421 Fundamentals of Disease Process 4.0 60.0
HC5301 Medical Terminology 4.0 60.0
HC6411 Legal & Ethical Aspects in Health Care 2.0 30.0
CS0501 Introduction to Microcomputers/Keyboarding 4.0 60.0
SS3411 Essentials of Health Career Success 3.0 45.0
HM4501 Pharmacology for Health Care Professionals 4.0 60.0
HP7311 Phlebotomy Theory & Lab 3.0 60.0
CT5071 Basic Arrhythmias/ECG Practical Lab 3.5 75.0
US0101 Mathematics & Physics 3.0 45.0
US1202 Acoustic Physics and Instrumentation 6.0 90.0
US1001 Introduction to Diagnostic Medical Ultrasonography I/L 4.0 75.0
US1101 Cross Sectional Anatomy 3.0 45.0
US1302 Abdominal Ultrasound I/L 7.5 135.0
US1303 OB/GYN Ultrasound & Peds I/L 7.5 135.0
US1304 Superficial Structure I/L 3.0 60.0
US1305 Introduction to Vascular Ultrasound I/L 3.5 90.0
US1306C Ultrasound Clinical Rotation I 10.0 450.0
US1307C Ultrasound Clinical Rotation II 10.0 450.0

Program Completion – 2160 hours
29% Complete (success)

Our Grads Achieve Career Success

Graduates and staff from the American Health Institute are working with leading employers and associations, including:

All Women’s Midwifery and Health Care
Brooksville Health Care
Cancer Care Center of Florida
Davita Dialysis
Excel Medical Imaging
Good Samaritan Health Clinic of Pasco
Hernando County Health Department

Holiday Heart and Vascular
Pasco Regional Medical Center
Peninsula Care and Rehab
Spring Hill Regional Hospital
Southern Pines Healthcare Center
West Coast Medical

* Learn more for important gainful employment disclosures regarding the information shown above.

Additional Program Information

A grade of “Pass” in the clinical/lab portion must be earned in order to receive a diploma. In addition to in class clock hours the students are expected to do outside class study time as detailed in your syllabus. A grade-point average of not less than 2.0 or “C” must be achieved to receive a diploma. Only those courses that are part of the program are included in computing the program GPA for programs.

The profile of this job description can be found at http://online.onetcenter.org/crosswalk/ using codes SOC 29-2032, CIP 51.0910.

Note: American Health Institute (AHI) has increased the hours on this program to better educate the student on skills. At this point AHI is not billing these extra hours to students tuition and fees.

Cost and Length of Program Attendance
Length of Instruction Program Tuition
.. 90 weeks $22,200.00

Gainful Employment

The Higher Education Act of 1965 requires proprietary and vocational colleges to provide an eligible program of training to prepare students for Gainful Employment. Below you will find information for related occupations listed for Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound (DMU). The web link will provide information for tasks, knowledge, skills, abilities, work activities, work context, job zone, education, interests, work styles, work values, related occupations, wages and employment trends, other sources and additional information. Also included is the on-time graduation rate, tuition, fees, room and board, books and supplies, job placement, and median loan debt incurred.

CIP CODE: 51.0910
SOC CODE: 29-2032.00

Tuition $22,200.00
Registration Fee $20.00
Room and Board $22,281.00
Median Loan Debt $9,402.00
Institutional Financing Plans * N/A
On-Time Graduation Rate ** N/A
Placement Rate N/A

* No Institutional Financing Plans to report.
** The following programs had no graduates or program was not offered during the reporting period or did not have enough graduates for this program to report based on GE requirements.

Please Note: Student attempting to be admitted to the Practical Nurse Program must pass the Level II background check or clearance from the Florida Board of Nursing.


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  • Course plan customized to meets the needs of the busy adult
  • Day and evening classes
  • Support and financial aid planning
  • No obligation information!
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