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Ms. Dyer, Mr. Davis
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English or Spanish*


Patient Care Technicians or PCTs work with doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to provide direct patient care in a variety of healthcare environments. PCTs often have more contact with the patient than any other health care member including the doctors and nurses.

PCTs are an important factor in patient recovery, because their close contact with the patient allows them to monitor developing signs of distress. Principally job opportunities will be prevalent in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, nursing and assisted living facilities.

Upon successful completion, students will earn a Patient Care Technician diploma as well as be eligible to take the certification examination provided by National Healthcare Association (NHA).

With a No Waiting List and No Prerequisite Course requirements, you could be on your way to a career as a PCT in as few as 6 months.

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Program Description

The Patient Care Technician diploma bearing program combines academic study with clinical experience. This program offers you the skills to establish yourself as a multi-skilled health care worker in a growing health care field; this is a good place to start for those who do not have any previous medical field experience.

    • Establish yourself as a multiskilled health care worker in a growing health care field.


    • Work alongside doctors and other health care professionals to oversee and monitor patients.


    • Report and record patient’s condition and patient treatments. Help patient with nutritional needs assist with feeding the patient if necessary, and refill water and ice.


    • Assist patients with their mobility turn and positioning, do range of motion exercises, transferring patients to and from wheelchair, assist with walking, bathing, dressing, grooming and assisting with personal hygiene and more.


    • AMonitoring and recording vital signs, temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and respiration rates, height, weight.


    • May be employed in hospitals, nursing homes, home health care and other health care centers.


    • Think you have a healing gift and love working with people of all types? The possibilities in this program are endless.


  • This is an excellent course for students with no previous medical field experience, who wish to enter other Health Science Education Programs.

Program Course List

ID Course Name Unit Credit Clock Hours
HC0031 Fundamentals of Allied Health Occupations 5.0 90.0
HHC6411 Legal & Ethical Aspects in Health Care 2.0 30.0
SS3411 Essentials of Health Career Success 3.0 45.0
HC5301 Medical Terminology 4.0 60.0
HM4401 Fundamentals of Disease 3.0 45.0
HM4501 Pharmacology for Health Care Professionals 4.0 60.0
HP7311L Phlebotomy Theory & Lab 3.0 60.0
CT5071 Basic Arrhythmias/ECG Practical Lab 4.0 75.0
CT5071C PCT Clinical I 1.0 60.0
CT5081C PCT Clinical II 2.0 90.0

Program Completion – 660 Hours
29% Complete (success)

Our Grads Achieve Career Success

Graduates and staff from the American Health Institute are working with leading employers and associations, including:

All Women’s Midwifery and Health Care
Brooksville Health Care
Cancer Care Center of Florida
Davita Dialysis
Excel Medical Imaging
Good Samaritan Health Clinic of Pasco
Hernando County Health Department

Holiday Heart and Vascular
Pasco Regional Medical Center
Peninsula Care and Rehab
Spring Hill Regional Hospital
Southern Pines Healthcare Center
West Coast Medical

* Learn more for important gainful employment disclosures regarding the information shown above.

Additional Program Information

A grade of “Pass” in the clinical/lab portion must be earned in order to receive a diploma. In addition to in class clock hours the students are expected to do outside class study time as detailed in your syllabus. A grade-point average of not less than 2.0 or “C” must be achieved to receive a diploma. Only those courses that are part of the program are included in computing the program GPA for programs.

The profile of this job description can be found at using codes SOC 29-2099.00, CIP 51.3999.

Cost and Length of Program Attendance
Length of Instruction Program Tuition
.. 27.5 weeks $7850.00

Gainful Employment

The Higher Education Act of 1965 requires proprietary and vocational colleges to provide an eligible program of training to prepare students for Gainful Employment. Below you will find information for related occupations listed for Patient Care Technician (PCT). The web link will provide information for tasks, knowledge, skills, abilities, work activities, work context, job zone, education, interests, work styles, work values, related occupations, wages and employment trends, other sources and additional information. Also included is the on-time graduation rate, tuition, fees, room and board, books and supplies, job placement, and median loan debt incurred.

CIP CODE: 51.3999
SOC CODE: 29-2099.00

Tuition $7850.00
Registration Fee $20.00
Room and Board N/A
Median Loan Debt N/A
Institutional Financing Plans ** N/A
On-Time Graduation Rate *** N/A
Placement Rate N/A

* Spanish classes can be offered depending on availability.
** No Institutional Financing Plans to report.
*** The following programs had no graduates or program was not offered during the reporting period or did not have enough graduates for this program to report based on GE requirements.


Request more information now and experience a program that can help you achieve your goals.

  • Course plan customized to meets the needs of the busy adult
  • Day and evening classes
  • Support and financial aid planning
  • No obligation information!


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