Early Child Hood Coalition

The Coalition’s Guiding Beliefs

  • Children are our community’s most precious resource.
  • A nurturing family environment is essential to allow children to reach their full potential.
  • Prevention and early intervention are the most effective approaches, in both human and financial terms, to preserving the family, nurturing the child and enriching the community.
  • Committed and qualified staff, volunteers and community members deserve to be valued, supported and involved in efforts to improve the community.

The Coalition’s Role

  • Empowers parents to establish and maintain control over the education of their children and to become advocates on their own behalf.
  • Engages the community by providing opportunities for involvement, growth and empowerment.
  • Acknowledges leadership responsibility by networking and forming collaborative relationships with other organizations and groups.
  • Advocates for innovative, responsive and effective community-based services.
  • Allocates resources to maximize effectiveness.EARLY LEARNING COALITION OF PASCO AND HERNANDO COUNTIES

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