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The school catalog states Home Health Aide (HHA) is offered in both English and Spanish?

At this time, we only offer this program English. We will enroll Home Health Aide Spanish Course if 10 students are interested.

Is Home Health Aide (HHA) program extended into all other programs?

Yes. For all other programs, Fundamental of Allied Health Occupations is a required course. HHA is a non-title IV course, but if a student wants to enroll in this program at a later time into another course, they will receive a transfer credit.

What are the hours for program clinicals?

All students are required to complete 24 hours per week on clinical sites. Typically, if a student is on site at a doctor’s office, the time range can be anywhere between 8:00 am. and 5:00 pm. Assisted living facility (nursing home), hours can be between 7:00 am. and 3:00 pm.

Can I access the Multimedia Library at home or on the go?

The American Health Institute’s online library is the LIRN (Library Information and Resource Network) and EVOLVE. Students can access online anytime.

What are the clinical details by program?

Medical Assistant
This residential course is designed to provide the medical secretary student with practice in administrative procedures in a medical office. Emphasis is placed on proficiency in filing, telecommunications, insurance reporting and coding, medical accounting procedures and record processing.

Patient Care Technician
This course includes monitoring patients, 12 lead EKG, logging the procedures as well as the use of correct policy and procedures, infection control and patient isolation room techniques, etc. phlebotomy techniques by venipuncture and skin puncture. Selection of the tube type for various blood tests; possible interfering substances; hospital hierarchy; professionalism; risk factors for hepatitis, AIDS, and sexually transmitted diseases; infection control guidelines; and employability skills. This course can also be used in a clinical setting for Gerontology, Veterinary, Dialysis, Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy assistant.

Medical Laboratory Technician
Clinical correlations, professional issues, updates in Medical Laboratory Assistant, spin blood, accessioning, etc. with student’s reports on recent professional journal articles, and the use of microcomputers in the laboratory.

Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound
Students will review videotapes, paper printer images and transparency films, and correlated studies from other imaging modalities demonstrating medical and/or surgical diseases. In addition, students shall review clinical signs and symptoms and related lab tests associated with the disease process. Students will also be expected to correlate didactic knowledge with patient history, protocols and pathologies found in the clinical environment. Students will focus on acclimation to the extern site, procedures, and protocols and begin to perform partial studies on technically average patients.

Practical Nurse
Students will focus on the nurse’s role in meeting the short and long term needs of the pediatric client, family, and community through preventive, therapeutic and palliative care, with recognition of the multicultural aspects of client needs. Maternity resources to the care of childbearing/ childbearing families. There is special emphasis on the understanding of cultural influences on health practices and beliefs within the family.

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